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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Dentists are discussing dental problems at report x-ray image for patients.

Patients who have complex cases, or require what is viewed as a full mouth rehabilitation are well served by the expertise of Dr. George, who has been repeated voted a “Best Dentist” in North Coast San Diego Reader’s Choice “Best Of” poll. Beginning with an extremely thorough assessment of the mouth, teeth, and bite function, recommendations made are individualized and designed for maximum durability  and attractiveness. 

It is important to note that several problems with teeth can result from decades of improper bite function. If a poor bite function is not addressed during the plan, it can not only compromise the beautiful new rehabilitation work, but jeopardize the longevity. 

Dr. George has aligned himself with some of the finest, most artistic dental technicians in the country. Because of these close relationships he sustains, he is able to offer exceptional expertise in dental laboratory technology. There is no finer source! What this means for our patients is that your porcelain restorations will not appear any different than a beautifully natural tooth in your mouth. 

Dr. George has worked on some of the most complex cases imaginable and patients regularly praise his work. They are enamored with their new smiles! 

It is not unusual in these cases for Dr. George to utilize a variety of techniques and materials to accomplish the ultimate goal. In reviewing potential plans for complete rehabilitation, Dr. George works with the patient to determine which treatment option suits them best. 

Providing the patient with a resulting beautiful, strong smile that they never thought possible is what Dr. George finds so very gratifying. Since full mouth rehabilitation is a unique combination of science and art, patients take pride at flashing their smile and saying it was “designed and built by Dr. George!”  

Before Full Mouth Rehabilitation

After Full Mouth Rehabilitation