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Orthodontic Screenings

happy boy lying down in dental clinic
Jaw measurement system on a young woman patient

Dr. George and his staff are not only concerned about each patient’s dental health today, but want them to have a smile that they can take pride in long into the future. At times, certain challenges respond best when treated with orthodontics.

Depending on each individuals unique situation, in order to properly enhance or improve their smile, Dr. George may advise utilizing orthodontics. Not only for adolescents anymore, orthodontic treatments have become sophisticated and can provide wondrous results in enhancing smiles.  

Invisalign Braces (clear alternative versus metal) have provided a stunning alternative for patients, allowing them to exhibit a close alternative to a natural smile while undergoing treatment. The Invisalign method involves the utilization of clear trays to alter tooth position and angulation in order to meet the goal of aesthetic and functional excellence in the mouth.  

Evaluating each patient and their unique bite allows Dr. George to make an orthodontic  recommendation if he feels it is warranted. Guiding each patient individually and engaging in clear treatment communication is something Dr. George prides himself on.