Professional Services

Preventive & Hygiene

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Dr. George and his team realize the importance of maintaining a strong focus on preventive dentistry and help their patients understand that this can reduce dental expenditures.

Dental health is not only important for the health of your teeth and gums, but foundational to one’s overall health and well-being, Dr. George says.

Irina Stysis, RDH, will help you maintain your oral health. Our patients regularly say that Irina is the most gentle and gifted hygienist they have ever experienced in their lifetime. She gently removes the deposits from the tooth surfaces so that the bacterial tartar doesn’t have the opportunity to cause irreversible damage. With a regular preventive schedule that you and she develop for your individual needs, you can maintain optimal health. She can also monitor for silent problems, such as tooth decay or gum disease before any major issues can occur. She is committed to improving her patients’ oral hygiene, homecare, and preventing problems!

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Sensitive Teeth Cleaning

Adults who have avoided regular visits to the dentist due to sensitive teeth and gums during a cleaning can be assured those days are over. Dr. George and our hygienist have perfected a special approach that maintains the comfort of our patients throughout the entire procedure - without the use of any type of Novocaine injections. This has created peace of mind for many patients. Regardless of how sensitive our patients teeth have been in the past, we pride ourselves on providing a very comfortable experience for each and every one.


Oral Cancer Screening

Every time you are in our dental chair, we are observing many aspects of your overall health. Subtle changes in the lining of your mouth call for a closer evaluation. Early detection of oral cancer saves many lives every year, and Dr. George and our hygienist are trained to recognize myriad oral tissue abnormalities. Our team takes special care to look for any suspicious tissue that may line the mouth and lips. Careful examination of the tongue is also vital. An in-depth look at the floor of the mouth, the cheek lining, gums, and palate (roof of the mouth) are all part of our thorough oral cancer screening. Being repeatedly voted as a "Best Dentist" in North Coast San Diego Reader's Choice "Best Of" poll validates the exceptional care Dr. George and our staff provide.

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Periodontal Therapy

Some patients require specialized treatment for gum disease, which is still the leading cause of tooth loss in adults today. Gum disease can advance very quietly in the mouth, with few signs or symptoms It is medically confirmed that people with periodontal disease have a higher risk of heart disease. Pregnant women with periodontal disease have lower birth weight babies. This is a devastating condition when left untreated, but periodontitis doesn’t have to write our patient’s story. Dr. George and our hygienist can develop a strategic plan in the early stages with scaling and root planning services in an attempt to reverse the progression of periodontal disease while maintaining the patient’s comfort. Some patients that are high risk for dental problems benefit from inexpensive additions to their daily routine that can change the environment of their mouth and reduce the bacterial activity that leads to periodontitis. Our hygienist is able to customize a special approach to achieve this goal.