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Sedation Dentistry

Woman receiving dental treatment in dentist office

Does the thought of going to the dentist make you anxious? Have you delayed going in for dental treatments because of bad experiences in the past? If you are an individual that has avoided dental care for this reason, our office is happy to create a whole new, comfortable experience for you with the use of dental sedation, where you won’t mind visits at all. Compassionate care is the cornerstone of our practice, evidenced by the repeated votes for Dr. George as a “Best Dentist” in North Coast San Diego Reader’s Choice “Best Of” poll. 

Dr. George advises that sedation dentistry can also be helpful to patients who are needing a more complex procedure. The relaxation that a small amount of sedation can provide makes the process easier and less stressful on the patient. 

Our staff wants every patient’s visit to be comfortable, with no fear or stress. We know that anxiety is not the patient’s fault. New patients regularly tell us they have never experienced such a gentle touch in a dental office. We are proud to be the dental office that patients find pleasant to visit! 

Four types of sedation can be offered by Dr. George, depending on the patient’s individual needs. They include: 

Pediatric dentist examining child teeth with dental explorer and mirror.

Nitrous Oxide Gas

Dr. George drifts a completely odorless gas through a face mask, letting you experience a deep sense of relaxation and comfort. The benefit of this option is that you are still able to communicate with Dr. George and he can adjust the sedation level as needed. This method of sedation wears off quickly and most patients are able to drive themselves home following their treatment. It is a safe alternative for both children and adults.

Woman receiving dental treatment in stomatology clinic

Oral Sedation

Dr. George can prescribe a gentle sedative in an oral pill form that is sent home with you before your scheduled procedure. With this option, you can take a small amount or a moderate amount, depending on the level of your anxiety. You are still able to communicate with Dr. George under oral sedation, but it does not wear off quite as quickly as the nitrous oxide gas, so it is recommended that you bring someone along who can drive you home afterward.

nurse's hand preparing an intravenous drip

IV Sedation

In deeper sedation (twilight sleep), Dr. George brings in an anesthesiologist to assist in your comfort and safety. For those individuals who do not want any memory of the dental treatment they are having, this may be the recommended choice. IV sedation is administered directly into the blood stream and it can be adjusted during the treatment process for optimal comfort. This sedation method also requires someone to drive the patient home.