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Comprehensive Bite Analysis and TMJ
(Temporomandibular Joints) Stabilization

An important part of Dr. George’s first visit with a patient is conducting a Preliminary Bite Analysis. 

Slight discrepancies in the way your teeth fit together (bite) can trigger clenching and grinding. During a first visit with Dr. George, he is adept at looking for clues in your mouth that indicate you might be clenching and grinding your teeth. Often times a patient is not even aware of it. 

His comprehensive Preliminary Bite Analysis is just one of the reasons Dr. George has repeatedly been voted a “Best Dentist” in North Coast San Diego Reader’s Choice “Best Of” poll. 

Understanding the mechanics of how an individual’s bite is operating sheds light on not only any disorders of the jaw, but can be the primary reason for loss of enamel and premature wear on their teeth. 

 Pain in your jaw that presents itself when you chew, yawn, and talk can reflect a disorder with the hinge that connects your jaw to the temporal bones of the skull, located in front of each ear. When these joints are inflamed, it can cause agonizing pain. Headaches frequently afflict individuals with this uncomfortable disorder. 

While it is not always known what causes an individual to have a TMJ disorder, Dr. George finds in many cases it is due to the patient unknowingly clenching or grinding their teeth during the night. This abnormal activity puts tremendous pressure on the jaw joints or muscles that control the function of the lower jaw (myofacial pain).  

Some individuals may have sustained an injury to the area, resulting in the movement of the small disc between the socket and ball of the joint. Other causes can include arthritis of the joint. Dr. George may have a patient return for a Comprehensive Bite Analysis. He begins this appointment by assessing the mechanics of the patient’s bite function and looks at it as an engineer would, by assessing each individual part of the process. Making sure that a patient has a sound, proper bite is paramount to reducing pain and discomfort. 

A correct bite also prevents undue wear and will extend the longevity of the teeth. The word “occlusion” is the technically correct word for “bite;” a “malocclusion” is the term for when the teeth do not fit together properly when the jaw joints are in correct alignment.      

Dr. George utilizes the Tek-Scan to comprehensively evaluate a patient’s bite.  Tek-Scan is a biometric sensor that precisely measures how the teeth come together.  By measuring the timing of a patient’s bite forces in addition to the forces applied when fully clenching, Dr. George is able to diagnose even the most minute discrepancies in the bite.  Many patients with chronic headache, TMJ disorders, head and neck pain, excessive tooth wear and even postural issues can find relief by having their bite comprehensively analyzed by Tek-Scan and adjusted appropriately. 

Having a Comprehensive Bite Analysis is critical to ensuring the proper longevity of a patient’s teeth and maintaining good oral health.

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