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Extractions/Preservation of Teeth

Dentist using surgical pliers to remove a decaying tooth
Dental implants for patient

Extracting a tooth is not something we prefer to do, however, in certain cases, Dr. George feels it is the wisest and best solution. This type of careful consideration is just one of the reasons he has been voted repeatedly as a “Best Dentist” in North Coast San Diego Reader’s Choice “Best Of” poll.

An extraction may be called for due to a severely decayed or cracked tooth, very crowded teeth, or those that have lost a large amount of supporting bone. During an extraction process, Dr. George focuses strictly on making the patient comfortable and improving their oral health in an important way.  

Dr. George’s method in removing a tooth or teeth are the safest, easiest, least invasive, and most comfortable possible.  It is always his goal to preserve a tooth whenever possible, since there are many viable options to saving impaired teeth. 

Doctor points to filled root canal in dental x-ray

Root Canals

When a toothache occurs, there can be several causes. Through careful evaluation, Dr. Georgecan determine the problem and discuss appropriate solutions. Understanding that the architecture of a tooth is intricate and features layers of hard substances over a delicate core, it is the root that carries the nutrients and sensation to each tooth. If severe pain presents itself, it could be that the route leading into the tooth has caused the bundle of nerves and vessels inside to become irritated, damaged, or under attack One example is when a deep cavity gives bacteria access to the inner nerve bundle in a tooth. If upon thorough examination Dr. George feels the nerve won't recover, or an infection is present, he may suggest a root canal. Because, if untreated, the infection can travel into the jaw bone and beyond. Root canals have a successful, proven track record. It is an efficient option to eliminate pain and infection and save a seemingly hopeless tooth.

Digital screen in dental clinic

Bone Grafting

The reason bone grafting is so important in good dental care is that the bone around the teeth is of a very specialized nature, and it doesn't regenerate itself when any of its mass is lost. Proper bone mass is vital for the strength and stability of the teeth. Dr. George has stated that even small defects can compromise the ability to maintain/save a tooth. Bone can be strengthened and repaired by adding bone grafting materials.

Tooth Implantation Model


The next best solution to growing a new tooth is the tooth implant. While not everyone is a candidate for a dental implant (screening includes bone density, etc.), it is recognized as the longest-lasting choice. Dr. George explains to patients that because implants are placed in the same bone that supports the teeth, it offers highly desirable strength and function. Today's modern, porcelain implants are so life-like that they look like natural teeth. It is important to note that dentures and bridges can be attached to implants as a anchoring system. Dr. George's patients that have received implants have remarked how happy they are with the stability they provide and how surprised they were of their natural appearance. The process of receiving an implant includes a dental anesthetic being placed at the tooth site and careful insertion of the implant cylinder base (which is made of titanium) into the jaw bone. A smooth cover protects the implant during a healing period. In some cases, Dr. George can provide a temporary or permanent crown if needed, so the patient is not self-conscious about their smile. Once the bone has healed properly, Dr. George inserts a support post and anchors the new porcelain crown onto the implant. A new tooth has taken its prideful place!