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Adolescent and Early Adulthood Dentistry


Helping our adolescent patients grow into healthy adults is something Dr. George and his team take special enjoyment in. We make sure they receive the same one-on-one time, care and compassion that we give to our adults.  Dr. George takes the time to evaluate each child completely and communicates those findings to both the child and parent to make certain they are fully informed of any recommended treatment.

As soon as wisdom teeth begin to appear on x-rays, Dr. George updates the patient (and parent) on what can be expected with those teeth. In some cases, adequate space is available for these molars to move into place. In a larger number of cases there is not adequate room or the wisdom teeth are coming in at an unusual angle. Some adolescents are already experiencing the eruption of wisdom teeth when they first visit our office. Dr. George carefully evaluates these situations and makes the proper recommendation depending on each individual case.   

It is not uncommon for college-age adults to experience an increase in decay and dental caries. Dr. George believes a change in diet, coupled with changes in personal hygiene for young adults, are often responsible for these increases. The back molars and premolars may have pronounced natural grooves and fissures allowing plaque and bacteria to accumulate and break down the enamel on the chewing surfaces.  Less flossing on a regular basis can cause an increase in tooth decay between the teeth.  Dr. George recommends regularly scheduled appointments with the hygienist to allow early detection of cavities.  This can be the difference of treating the tooth with a small filling rather than a large filling. Preservation of tooth structure is very important to Dr. George.

Dr. George’s dedication to what’s best for each individual patient has earned him repeated votes as a “Best Dentist” in North Coast San Diego Reader’s Choice “Best Of” poll.

Kids at the Dentist


Deep pits and crevices run across the chewing surface of many adolescent molars in younger children. Even though a toothbrush can skim across these surfaces, the narrow grooves trap bacteria beyond the bristles, allowing cavities to form on the chewing surfaces. Dr. George prefers to be proactive in preventing this type of cavity by placing a bonded sealer on the biting surface to keep the tooth protected from early decay.

Girl during dental examination

Orthodontic Screenings

Dr. George and his staff want every young person to have a smile that they can take pride in. At times, certain challenges respond best when treated with orthodontics. While orthodontics are used in both adolescents and adults for specific needs, it is advisable to identify these needs at an early age to achieve the goal as soon as possible. Invisalign Braces (clear alternative versus metal) have provided a stunning alternative for patients, allowing them to exhibit a close alternative to a natural smile while undergoing treatment. The Invisalign method involves the utilization of clear trays to alter tooth position and angulation in order to meet the goal of aesthetic and functional excellence in the mouth. Evaluating each patient and their unique bite allows Dr. George to make an orthodontic recommendation if he feels it is warranted. Guiding each patient individually and engaging in quality discussion is something Dr. George prides himself on.