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Cosmetic Enhancements

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Attractive smiles are more important than people may realize. A clean, beautiful smile provides the best introduction when meeting others. It is important to be confident in your smile, as it can reflect your sense of self esteem. Those who feel their teeth are unattractive are more likely to smile less and appear self-conscious. 

Dr. George takes pride in helping his patients enhance and improve their smiles. In his years of experience, he has encountered every dental situation imaginable and overcome them with great success. Many patients have taken the time to tell him how life-changing it was for them to  smile with pride again! 

It’s no surprise that given his gift for excellence, Dr. George has repeated been rated a “Best Dentist” in North Coast San Diego Reader’s Choice “Best Of” poll.  

Cosmetic dental treatments can do the following: 

  • Whiten discolored or stained teeth

  • Replace missing or severely damaged teeth

  • Fully repair cracks or fractures to prevent tooth loss

  • Close gaps between teeth

  • Shape teeth to be more attractive

  • Replace old metal fillings or crowns with newer, more attractive porcelain materials

  • Remedy crowding of teeth

Teeth and lips
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Porcelain Veneers

Dr. George's exceptional artistry with porcelain veneers can transform stained, chipped, and discolored teeth into a gleaming, beautiful smile . With his finely honed skills, Dr. George can not only alter the length and size of teeth, but transform a tooth that may look rotated into a straight presentation. A complete smile makeover can be yours! The ultimate in dental art and science, Dr. George's porcelain veneers are handcrafted and customized to fit each individual's smile. The material used to create a veneer is paper-thin, but exceedingly strong when bonded properly to a tooth. There are several types of veneers available and Dr. George can recommend the best choice for each patient's mouth. Porcelain veneers are a conservative approach to cosmetically enhancing a smile. The reason for this is only a small amount of enamel is removed, compared to putting a crown on a tooth. In evaluating the options available to a patient, Dr. George believes in clear co-discovery and quality discussion of all methods under consideration. His excellent communication skills with patients makes Dr. George a favorite choice for all cosmetic dentistry needs. Careful evaluation of one's bite is paramount before creating veneers for a patient. Dr. George underscores that a proper chewing environment directly relates to the longevity of veneers. He builds beauty to last!

Prosthodontics. Dental Technician Making a Crown.

Porcelain Crowns

A crown is the perfect restoration for a compromised tooth from years of existing large fillings or fractures. This restoration is designed to protect the tooth from any further damage, as well as return the tooth to a cosmetically pleasing appearance. Crowns encompass the entire top portion of the tooth. Crowns protect the tooth from further fracturing or cracking, which leads to tooth loss. Various materials can be used to create a crown and Dr. George reviews the choices carefully with his patients. Many of us had the silver-colored restorations placed in our teeth. Dr. George has found that this type of restoration expands and contracts with changes in temperatures in our mouth, flexing the exterior walls of the tooth and causing dangerous fractures that can lead to irreversible damage and loss of the tooth. By repairing with a crown, he feels this actually strengthens the compromised exterior walls of the tooth and creates a stronger, protective environment. Dr. George is one of Southern California’s top dental artists in creating perfectly fitting crowns that are lifelike and superior in color matching. Not all porcelain materials are alike. Unfortunately, some patients have had a restoration in the past that looks flat, opaque, and doesn't have the appearance of a real tooth. Dr. George works closely with one of the finest and most artistic dental technicians in the United States to deliver the perfect crown. For those who may have experienced an ill-fitting crown, painful installation, or off-base coloration in the past, look no further! Crowns designed by Dr. George fit like the original tooth, are comfortable when chewing, and match the other teeth seamlessly. Exceptional outcome is the ordinary at Dr. George’s office due to his years of experience and his artistic eye. With proper home care and continued visits with our hygienist, Dr. George’s high quality crowns last many, many years and feel and function like a natural tooth.

Dental curing light setting composite resins in kid teeth


Composites serve in a basic, functional way, and also provide an enhanced appearance when a tooth must be filled. Cavities, chips, and fractures can occur on any tooth surface inside the mouth. Dr. George is an expert at blending composite for a prepared area and polishing it to a smooth, undetectable surface. With an artist's eye, he protects the tooth and provides quality color-matching. At times a patient might have a cavity that appears on the front of a tooth, along a gum line, making it visible when the person smiles. In those cases, Dr. George gently cleans out the soft, discolored enamel and artistically sculpts perfectly-colored composite material along the base of the tooth. Another great smile is restored and the patient is delighted! Dr. George's expert dexterity enables him to place composite in extremely thin layers so as to blend perfectly into the tooth structure and preserve more of the natural tooth. Strong, smooth, and conservative, modern dental materials utilized in Dr. George's new high-technology office result in his ability to rebuild teeth to full strength better than ever before.

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Excessive Gum Smiles

Gums provide a soft framework around the teeth, providing both necessary support and esthetic enhancement. They surround the teeth in a scalloped fashion, dipping naturally to expose both the front and back of each tooth. In some cases, the gums may sit too high above the teeth, in others they might be too thick and protrude unnaturally. Gum contouring is used by Dr. George to help a person who feels their smile is "too gummy," meaning that too much gum shows when they smile. Dr. George believes that properly-shaped gums are an important, contributing factor for an overall healthy dental environment. Dr. George can evaluate an individual's gum presence when they smile and techniques can be offered that deliver exceptional cosmetic result, with surprising comfort. It is possible to transform gummy smiles into beautiful, more balanced smiles with the latest technological advances.

Whitening teeth procedure during visit at dentist.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening treatments can give your teeth a fresh, bright look. Imagine leaving those coffee, tea, tobacco, and other stains behind. Dr. George makes it easy to give your smile a bright boost! Professional whitening treatments used by Dr. George feature quality-controlled materials that provide outstanding results. He offers both in-office and take-home whitening options to suit each individual's preferences. Sometimes both methods can be used in order to realize maximum benefit for the long term. Dr. George monitors each patient for any sensitivity issues to whitening materials and has customized strategies to best manage that while achieving the whitening goal. Are you ready to give your smile a beautiful enhancement? Call us today for an appointment.

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Full/Partial Dentures, Bridges

Patients who need a viable solution for some missing teeth may opt to have Dr. George develop a restorative plan involving full or partial dentures or bridges. Some designs that may be in a patient's best interest could include anchoring these items to tooth implants for maximum durability. There are more options than ever to close those gaps in your smile! Dr. George has tremendous experience and artistic technique in creating customized porcelains that can be included in a bridge to eliminate spaces of various sizes in the mouth. Some patients are the most comfortable having a removable appliance to address their missing teeth. Dr. George fully discusses all options and carefully listens to information about each patient's lifestyle in order to offer a variety of information that is beneficial to the decision-making process. The time is now for well-fitting replacement teeth!